Trip to Dovrefiell and the Reindeer centre

After a quiet week at school we finally managed to go to Dovrefjell. This is a region ca. 2.5h from Trondheim where also the highest mountain Snøhetta is located. We visited on our excursion a wild Reindeer centre which had built a pavilion with the architect Snøhetta with a view to the mountain and the very nice landscape. We actually hoped to see some Rein deer or Musk ox. But even if we didn’t see any we had a good day out. During the car ride to the place we were all a bit sceptical because of the very bad weather conditions. But after we brought our things to our camping hut it stopped raining and snowing and we decided to go to the pavilion. After we spend some time up there and had lunch we started to walk back. Even if the snowfall started again we decided to up a hill to see the surroundings from a higher point. As soon as we started hiking the snow turned into hail and suddenly after 15 min into sunshine! So we went up the mountain and had a perfect view.

As it was already 16.30 o’clock the sun was standing already very low and the light was very special. So we waited till the sun hidden behind the last clouds and returned then to the car to go back to our very comfortable hut.

Today the weather was not so good so we decided to return back direction Trondheim till Trollheimen. There we had a short walk, again up a hill, and along a very nice beach, before we eventually took the way back to Trondheim.

A great trip to the north

After a great trip

Carla and Michael visited me for three days after they travelled from Oslo to Bergen by train and then by Hurtigruten up to Trondheim. The first day we had good weather and I showed them around in the town until all of us where dead and we took the bus to go to the restaurant “Grenaderen” to have a wild animal buffet dinner. It was amazing to try all this typical wild animals from Norway and we all left the restaurant with very full bellies. The other two days we took it a bit slower and I also had to work for school.


The days between the 18th and 24th October I spend in Tromsø and Alta, both in the far north of Norway. Even with the bad weather we spend a very nice time up there. So did we rent a car to travel around in the surrounding of Tromsø. It was an amazing day in the nature and we saw a lot of nice places. The second day we spend in Tromsø, to see the city and some museums. As I left in the night for Alta to visit some friends I left the others back in the hotel. The 25min flight was quite shaky because of really strong wind and rain. But as it was so short it was fine and I was happy to have ground under my feet again. I was already waited by Peter Maisenhölder a Swiss Architect who has his own office in Alta.

Even if the weather was not good I spend almost 4 great days in Alta, visiting the “House Mountain”, the town, and the hut of Peter and Helga Maisenhölder. It was really a relaxing time with a lot of discussions and good food! Thank you very much


Due to the bad weather in the North I couldn’t see any northern lights. But even bigger was then the surprise when I checked the forecast, which was on very low in the early evening, at 22.30 o’clock. So was it everywhere showing a Northern lights storm. Not to miss it I put on my really thick winter jacket and moved out in front of my building in Moholt studentby. And it was amazing!!! The northern lights where dancing all around Moholt for more than 2 hours.

Study Architecture in Trondheim

This week was an intense week. We started on Tuesday to build the small garden hut for the garden of our teacher. As I had another lecture I came after the others already started. Maybe I already told you that we had to detail the whole building last week and I even did the list for the materials we needed. But when I met Helge Solberg at the school on Tuesday morning he told me that he changed everything….

So when I came back from my lecture everybody was divided into groups and started to work. Already 2 hours later we found the first mistakes done because nobody was thinking but just cutting. My group, we were responsible for the floor. Because we were in three and there was nothing complicated to cut we would have been ready at 11.00 to screw the frame, but the screws where missing.

Finally after a 2 hours lunch break we could start to fix the frame and to cover it with the floor boards. As the workshop, you have to see the size of it and the machines…, is closing at 16.00 there was nothing else to do than to finish work and go home. The day after we started off with our floor and where on a good way to finish it till lunchtime if there would not have been the main construction group doing mistakes. So the whole building hat to be shrunk for 7cm…. All the already started wall elements, roof elements and the floor had to be adjusted to the new size of the house. Because we just had three days to finish the whole building some of us stayed until 22.30 clock (the workshop guys where so friendly to let us work on) until the building was standing and painted once with the blood red grounding.

Thursday was assembling day. The strong guys met already early in the morning to disassemble the house and lift it into the transporter which was bringing the pieces to the site. We all met at 13:00 on site to start to assemble it. Again the screws where missing and we waited for some time in the “varme stue”. As we finally started we managed to finish the building at 5 p.m. and the party started with pizza and bear…..

Pictures of the “finished”, there is still some things to do as we didn’t have enough material, building will hopefully follow.

After a long time some news from Trondheim

Because of an amazing exam it took me some time and I couldn’t write any news about my life in Trondheim. But there happened a lot during the last 3 weeks and the time is just running passed.

We had a wonderful trip through Norway from Trondheim to Dovre- Lillehammer – Oslo – Risør – Surroundings from Risør – Gol – Borgund – Urnes – Sognefjellet – and back to Trondheim. On the way we saw a lot of interesting buildings and started to get to know our Norwegian classmates.  In Risør we had the time to look at our building plots and its surroundings. One highlight was the small summer hut from Knut Knutsen, an architectonical icon for Norway. It impressed how he managed to build a small hut in the rocks near the sea just with reused materials. The shape and colour fit the building into the landscape and allow a communication between the two.

Furthermore we wanted to look at two stave churches, the biggest and the oldest. What a pity to arrive at Borgund’s Stave church which was totally wrapped in and not visible from the outside. As the model shows it would be a very impressive and nice building. The positive about the scaffolding was that we had the opportunity to get really close to the exterior of the building. So we could make some detail pictures which are affected by the scaffolding. The game between new and old is very good visible and the “tar” treatment, which was once put onto the wood is showing its texture.

On the way home to Trondheim we stopped at the Wild reindeer centre in Dovre where the Architect Snøhetta could build a pavilion. But due to cleaning works from the army, it once was a training area, we could just visit the toilette on the parking. So this will hopefully be the trip which we, Philippe, Alexander and I will do on the last possible point, the last weekend of this month.

The last two weeks I mainly stayed in my room to study the properties of wood and do some other assignments for the University. But this week we started to build a real project – a garden, playhouse. The client is out teacher and the according to this the situation is also bit complicated. So did we (mostly exchange students) draw all the details and elements plans for the prefabrication during Thursday and Friday. But when we started today the hut was changed because the materials where to expensive. So first of all the new drawings had to be discussed and checked and then we had to find out that there was not enough material. Just after my group started we had to find out that we can’t go on without screws so we had a 2 hours brake until the screws where available. Tomorrow we will see how it is going on and if we will be able to finish the house on site on Thursday. But if we finish or not it is great fun to do something else than working on the computer and if one would see the wood workshop, it has everything, it is amazing to once build a garden hut.

Last week UKA a big festival made by students for students started and will last until the end of October. Because most of the tickets for the main events where sold out after a short time we just visit some of the small concerts of local bands. So did we on Sunday evening in Samfundet.

Sunday Carla and Michael will arrive here in Trondheim at 6:00 a.m. with the Hurtigruten boat. We hope that they can stay at the boat a bit longer as at 6:00 o’clock it is still very dark and my way to the harbour is not so short. Because they will live with me in my bedroom it will look as a “Massenunterkunft” I think some pictures will follow J.

When they leave on Tuesday I will leave as well and fly up north. My first destination will be Tromsø were I will spend two days with Alexander, Philippe and Ilaria. Luckily Ilaria decided to join us last week. Than wouldn’t I have called the hotel to see if it might be possible to change my single room into a double room we would have stand before closed doors. Our flight will reach Tromsø at 20.30 so until we reach the hotel they might have closed the reception which means that we need a pin code to enter the hotel and get our room key. But because our reservation didn’t get to the hotel we didn’t have any information and no room. But luckily it is not in the main season and they still had two vacant rooms for us. After two days I leave the others and go 309km further north to Alta where I will visit the Peter and Helga Maisenhölder and experience the autumn as far north as I have never been.

I am looking forward to tell you about the visit of Carla and Michael but also about the trip north. I hope to bring back some nice pictures of the northern lights for you!